Worn-out Roof and Gutter Replacement on Charming Home

Project Description:

 Beaverdale Resident
 May 2013
Gutters, Roofing
This charming home in a beautiful Beaverdale neighborhood faced several issues commonly found in older homes, a leaky roof and worn-out gutters.

This home was built in the 1920s and still looks great, but years of Iowa winters had taken its toll, so it was time for an update to the roof and gutters. To fix the leaking issues, we re-sheathed the entire roof and replaced all the shingles. We also re-routed the gutters to avoid future water issues. Like the homeowners did with their house, we recommend any roof 20 years of age or older to be inspected for leaks and other damage. Give us a call to inspect your roof today!