Roof Replacement Due to Wind Damage

Project Description:

 Johnston Resident
 June 2013
A common issue facing Central Iowa homeowners: wind damage to your roof.

After several major storms, the owners of this home noticed shingles laying in their yard. Severe winds had ripped the shingles right off their house! To prevent potential water damage, the homeowners called us to inspect and replace their roof. Because the homeowners had insurance covering their roof, their insurance company took care of the repair costs. The homeowners wanted a unique look, so they chose Owens Corning Tru-Def Signature Series shingles that will provide this family with a great-looking, low-maintenance roof for years to come. The turnaround on this product was only one day, so if you see shingles strewn across your yard, give us a call now! We can help fix the problem before you face major issues down the road, and your insurance company may cover the costs!